our Director Process Excellence, helps you find efficient and effective solutions to build businesses. He has developed unique product/service benefits in a Game-Changing manner nationally across India for Consumer and Trade. His strength is in delivering a Strategic plan and Collaborating as a Partner to drive process re-engineering. The end game is to build value through a premiumized consumer experience and Customer Focus, which are conducive to driving business through loyalty and word of mouth creation.

At Sony India. Virgin Mobile and at Royal Enfield his primary role was to impact business revenues by upping the ante on the consumer experience. It is more effective to drive loyalty and retention of consumer base at both sales and service. The projects consisted of analyzing the consumer journey for the most important consumer moments of truth. Develop the key processes by each role in the consumer journey (both front and back end), with special emphasis on key MOTs at both sales and service. Layer technology to remove front line ambiguity and drive process efficiency. Measure deployment execution for effectiveness and close the loop by retraining/coaching/Learning management system (LMS). He is known as an expert on customer experience management and as a process engineer. He has also published various papers on the usage and development of techniques to drive customer experience which are detailed below.

our Director Organizational Architecture, has a master’s in Industrial operations and quality engineering and is PMP certified. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Trainer with over 11 years of experience in Analytics and Quantitative research fields. She has worked on remapping processes, refining them and uses advanced statistical analysis techniques to measure outputs. In her last corporate stint at Genpact, she was responsible for designing and implementing process improvement projects at both an enterprise level as well as mentoring individual Green Belt quality projects. Her role in operationalizing quality improvement projects to deliver on revenue, process or customer experience metrics led Genpact to save $24 million in leave and attendance management alone.

She is currently also a full-time director in her organization, NatureHealz Pvt Ltd, a natural wellness company which works with corporate consumers and individuals, who are battling sedentary work styles, unhealthy diets & living challenges. Having worked with over 25 companies and 4,500 individuals (19 countries) since 2013 to bring their health on track, she has brought in her experience with quality control, analytics and project management in working with corporates to quantify the results of projects run at their premises.

our Director Data Sciences and Digital Architecture, has a rich history in operations and service delivery. In his previous roles at Genpact and Mu Sigma, he has successfully driven production services delivery capability and management of operations in coordination with the vendor teams. The entire integration of the various IoT devices and their updation into the main data warehouse for further analysis and dissipation relies on successfully coordinating the day to day operations by the vendor in active engagement with the teams to handle services under managed service, drive efficiency through automation and automation tools and elimination of problem themes through No-problem-later processes.

our Chief Liaison Officer and is the point of contact at enterprises during the various project phases. He is the SPOC to building relationships among various departments and agencies to help overcome government barriers and political differences. In his role he liaises with government lobbies for developmental work to help the company or state departments.