Royal Enfield RECODE (Royal Enfield Customer Oriented Dealership Experience)


The project in Royal Enfield was to transform the dealer experience at store through a complete revamp of the consumer facing processes. With a waiting line, a couple of months long, the staff just didn’t have to pursue the sale or have any great capability. The only question was till when? They were expanding capacity and expecting BMW, TVS, Jawa and Benelli amongst others to enter at very close to their price points… a double whammy. The idea was to play on their history, legacy and customer experience as there was no real performance based reason to drive revenue.

Design of the project:

The objective was to drive the consumer experience up and aim for high CSAT. Reasoning being that, it is more effective to drive loyalty and retention of consumer base at both sales and service. Towards this end we analysed the consumer journey and chose the most important moments of truth (MOT) to impact (Test Drive, Sale Delivery and post service delivery). We developed processes for each role in the consumer journey (both consumer facing and supporting) with special emphasis on key MOTs at both sales and service. We then layered technology to remove ambiguity and people dependence to drive process efficiency. Lastly we measured the deployment execution for effectiveness and closed the loop by retraining/coaching/Learning management system (LMS).

The project was based on 3 pillars – People, Processes and technology

  • Getting the right people: From working with a combination of our regional HR and dealer’s HR to get the quality of manpower up in the stores to match the premium experience as promised by the store appearance.
  • Driving the right behaviour: Once we had the people they needed to be trained and coached to deliver the brand to the consumer. We drove this across the country in a phased manner (over 3 years) at 825 stores using a mixture of Trainers, Coaches, ASMs and tech enablers like the DMS/LMS.
  • Measure effectiveness: Measuring the experience delivery through Internal team audits, mystery audits, consumer feedback and the performance management system which were monitored by role holder KPIs

Project execution :

  • Capability development for the dealer manpower through use of trainers, coaches and a learning management system (matrixed function with the central L&D team)
  • Consumer front end process development for both sales and service efficiency
  • Creating the blueprint for the new Dealer management system architecture with Royal Enfield’s IT team and PwC (deployment partners for MS Dynamics), based on RECODE
  • Design surrogate measures for customer experience using IoT and video analytics for efficiency measurements using internal facility audits and effectiveness measures using mystery shopping audits and consumer feedback scores by store

Delivery of the Project :

RECODEd stores would follow:

  • that a differentiated model explanation and differentiated test ride route is available for all the different models as per their purpose (tourer, commuter led, offroading, etc)
  • a ceremonial delivery takes place with a flag off and a large key handover to the customer, addition to a riding group and introduction to the service advisor who would take care after sales
  • that the polishing happens in front of the customer while a point by point explanation is being given on the bill. Customer would also be intimated well in advance of pick up time and/or any change in the same.
  • Process Reengineering

    Developing IoT devices for process excellence

  • Retail Excellence and Training
  • Using IoT devices for Data mining and analytics

    Developing video analytics for auditing of personnel

  • Deliver business benefits for Services, FMCG and consumer durable companies

    Helping companies diversify into new business lines based on consumer behavior


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